COVID-19 Economic Impact Report: Countertops

The US countertops industry is facing a number of challenges as it deals with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. How has the macroeconomic environment changed and what does it mean for the US countertops industry going forward?


It also provides a historical view of industry sales since 2000, a look at how the industry is being currently impacted, and estimates for industry sales through 2024.

The surface materials considered in the report are:

  • laminates
  • natural stone, including any stone that can be cut into a slab and then further refined by polishing and grinding
  • engineered stone, which includes engineered quartz, engineered marble, and polymer concrete
  • solid surface and other cast polymers (e.g., cultured marble and cultured onyx)
  • tile – i.e., ceramic (earthenware and stoneware), porcelain, stone, bronze, copper, glass, iron, nickel, pewter, stainless steel, tin, and zinc
  • porcelain slab, including large format porcelain tile panels/slabs (also known as gauged porcelain tile panels) and compact sintered surfaces
  • other materials, including bamboo, concrete, cork, and glass

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