COVID-19 Economic Impact Report: Global Food Processing Machinery

The global food processing machinery industry is facing a number of challenges as it deals with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. How has the macroeconomic environment changed and what does it mean for global food processing going forward?

Food Processing

COVID-19 Economic Impact Report: Global Food Processing Machinery looks at how the expected impact of the pandemic on the current macroeconomic environment compares to other major events since 2000, including the bursting of technology bubble, the SARS outbreak, the 2009 global downturn, and the European financial crisis. It also provides a historical view of global industry sales since 2000, a look at how the industry is being currently impacted, and estimates for global sales through 2023.

Products included:

  • industrial bakery machinery, including cooling equipment, depositors, extruders, formers, kneaders, mixers, molders, ovens, and machines used to make pasta (excludes retail-type baking equipment)
  • meat, poultry, and seafood machinery, including chillers, deboners, filleters, marinators, meat grinders, smokehouse equipment, skinners, stuffers, tenderizers

excludes general-purpose food processing machinery (e.g., cutters) that can also be used on non-meat processing applications, which are categorized elsewhere, and all types of non-industrial products intended primarily for use on farms, in fishing operations, or in retail

  • chocolate and confectionery machinery, such as coating machines, conches, fillers, formers, kneaders, and caramel cookers
  • beverage production machinery, including brewhouse equipment, carbonation machinery, distilling equipment fermentation tanks, grape destemmers and crushers, maceration tanks, filling and pasteurization machines, and presses
  • dairy and milk machinery, including blenders, chillers, evaporators, freezers, homogenizers, pasteurizers, separators, and slicers (excludes milkers and other equipment designed primarily for use on dairy farms, non-industrial ice cream makers, and other items designed for use in a commercial or residential setting)
  • fruit and vegetable machinery, such as choppers, corers, evaporators, peelers, graders, juicers, and milling machinery
  • other food processing machinery, such as cooling, drying, freezing, mixing, and oil extraction equipment and general-purpose cutting, slicing, and grinding machinery
  • food processing machinery parts and attachments (such as cutting attachments, power units, and sensors)

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