Global Cement

10th Edition

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World Cement

This study covers the global market for cement. Cement types are:

  • blended cement
  • portland cement:
    • general use (also referred to as ordinary or common) gray cement
    • high early strength and sulfate-resistant cement
    • oil well cement
    • white portland cement
  • specialty cement (i.e., fly ash, slag, and other pozzolanic cements; masonry cement; aluminous or high-alumina cement)

In addition, demand is analyzed by market:

  • residential building construction
  • nonresidential building construction
  • infrastructure and other markets, including roads, bridges, and other nonbuilding construction (e.g., public utility structures, airports, military facilities, parks, playgrounds)

Cement demand is also analyzed by end user, such as:

  • ready-mix concrete producers
  • concrete product manufacturers (includes non-construction-related concrete products such as statues and wall plaques)
  • consumers (e.g., DIY housing construction, home improvement and repair projects)
  • other users/uses, including agricultural and governmental users, hazardous waste disposal, decorative applications, protection from weather and harmful compounds

Historical data for 2010, 2015, and 2020, and forecasts for 2025 and 2030 are provided for cement demand in metric tons.

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