Global Machine Tools

4th Edition

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This study analyzes the global market for machine tools. Products discussed in the report include:

  • metal cutting tools, including machining centers and related tools, lasers, EDM, ultrasonic and water jet systems, electron beam machines, lathes (also known as turning machines), grinding and polishing machines, drilling machines, boring machines, gear cutting machines, and milling machines
  • metal forming tools:
    • presses (encompassing mechanical, hydraulic, CNC, servo, stamping, turret, punch, and set types, as well as variations and combinations of these)
    • punching and shearing machines, including hydraulic, electric, and linear motor-driven varieties
    • bending and forming machines
    • other metal forming tools such as forging machines, coil-processing systems, die casting machines, and thread rolling machines
  • machine tool accessories and spare parts, including comparators, cutting tools, dies, jigs, measuring devices, tool holders, work holders, and replacement machine tool components
Machine Tools

The major machine tool markets are:

  • machinery, including producers of all different types of machinery, ranging from construction, agricultural, and mining equipment to industrial machines
  • transportation equipment, including manufacturers of automobiles, trucks and buses, aerospace equipment, ships and boats, and components for these vehicles
  • primary and fabricated metals:
    • Primary metals encompass numerous industries such as blast furnaces and steel mills, ferroalloys, ferrous and nonferrous castings, and nonferrous metal processing.
    • The fabricated metals market includes producers of relatively low value-added products such as metal cans, shipping containers, cutlery, hand tools, hardware, plumbing and heating fixtures, screw machine products, and metal forgings and stampings.
  • electrical and electronic equipment, including manufacturers of appliances, lighting, wiring equipment, communications equipment, watches, industrial and medical instruments, and home electronic items
  • all smaller applications for these products, ranging from shops that service producers in a variety of industries to such less traditional markets as construction, packaging, power generation, oil and gas processing, mining, and nondurable goods manufacture

Excluded from the scope of this study are:

  • tools designed primarily for home use or nonmetal applications, as well as industrial patterns, welding apparatus, and other types of metalworking machinery (e.g., foundry equipment)
  • used machine tools of all types
  • related services such as equipment rebuilding, retrofitting, and systems integration

Historical data for 2008, 2013, and 2018 and forecasts for 2023 are provided on a select country-by-country and region-by-region basis for machine tool demand (by product type and by market).

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