Lawn & Garden Consumer Insights: The Home Gardener


Growing plants for food or for home or yard aesthetics can be fun, challenging, and rewarding. The activity is seen by many as a chance to improve a home’s curb appeal, to create a more attractive space for outdoor recreation or entertaining, or even to save money or become self-sufficient by growing food.

Long before the novel coronavirus pandemic spread to the U.S. in 2020, many consumers had engaged in gardening as a hobby. However, as the pandemic has led to stay-at-home and social distancing orders that has led to more people are staying at home – and, in some cases, resulting in extra time to engage in gardening – than ever before.

Lawn & Garden Consumer Insights: The Home Gardener includes 45 data-rich figures that showcase results from consumer surveys, including those highlighting changes in behavior during the coronavirus pandemic and provide insights about consumer trends, demographics, behavior, and motivations on a historical basis. This report’s analysis will help retailers, manufacturers, investors, and service providers gauge consumer perspectives and opportunities for growth in a competitive and changing market.

This report examines COVID-19 consumer impacts, historical trends in gardening, changes to home and gardening behavior during the pandemic, purchases and ownership of lawn and garden equipment and lawn and garden consumables, demographic trends in home gardening, and consumer psychographics.

The information contained in the report was developed from The Freedonia Group’s national online consumer poll of U.S. adult consumers (age 18+) conducted from April-May 2020 to address changes in purchasing patterns, attitudes, and behavior. Relevant food and beverage preferences and home improvement, outdoor, and food gardening projects are covered. Supplementing The Freedonia Group’s exclusive survey is an extensive analysis and custom cross tabs data from MRI-Simmons’ National Consumer Study, which is based on approximately 25,000 adult respondents surveyed annually.

How will the COVID-19 coronavirus impact the global economy? The Freedonia Group is tracking recent developments and analyzing their impact in an easy to follow Economic Impact Tracker.

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