Residential Countertops

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Demand for countertops in the US residential building market is forecast to rise 4.8% per year to 941 million square feet in 2026, valued at $52.1 billion, with growth boosted by:

  • the large stock of older homes nationally that require kitchen and bathroom remodeling, either to meet the current homeowner’s needs or to add value to the home for its eventual sale
  • trends favoring larger kitchens and multiple bathrooms
  • increasing interest in outdoor kitchens, islands, and wet bars

However, new housing construction and home remodeling began to normalize in 2022 following exceedingly high levels in 2021. This trend will continue through the forecast period, limiting even greater demand gains.

Demand Gains Will Be Primarily Derived from Kitchen & Bath Renovations

Remodeling activity drives residential countertop demand. As countertops are a key design component in many homes, they are often updated when homeowners renovate kitchens and bathrooms, particularly when they are selling or buying a home. Value gains will be driven by homeowners increasingly opting for engineered stone and porcelain slab countertops during remodeling projects, as these in-demand materials can improve a home’s value.

Engineered Stone’s Leading Market Position Continues to Expand

Engineered stone is expected to continue to see market share gains, as the material becomes more widely available and favored for its durability and aesthetics. This trend began in the previous decade, when the rapid increase in low-cost slabs from foreign markets – particularly China, India, Turkey, and Vietnam – made engineered stone countertops more affordable for middle-class homeowners. As less expensive types of engineered stone proliferated and color availability expanded, consumers became much more willing to purchase higher cost countertops and grew to strongly prefer the aesthetics and quality of engineered stone over competitive materials, particularly laminates.

From Low Base, Porcelain Slab Countertop Demand to Grow Rapidly

Similar to the rapid advances seen for engineered stone over the past decade, porcelain slab demand has risen robustly since 2016 and is expected to be the fastest growing countertop material in the US (albeit from a relatively low base). Porcelain slab’s popularity is rising quickly as consumers seek alternatives to engineered stone and granite. These consumers want to differentiate their homes but still install countertops with a natural appearance and favorable performance properties. In addition, porcelain slab has become more widely available as the number of suppliers offering this material increased in recent years.

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