Windows & Doors

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This report includes data from 2011-2031 in 5 year intervals and tables featuring year-by-year data for 2018-2025.

Windows and Doors

Through 2026, the market for windows and doors in the US is forecast to increase slightly to $35.9 billion from an elevated 2021 base, when window and door prices surged to record highs due to product shortages and increases in raw material prices. Though prices are expected to moderate somewhat by 2026, they will continue to boost market value through the forecast and could cause some cost-conscious customers to delay purchases in the short term.

In unit terms, demand is projected to increase at the moderate pace of 1.6% annually, supported by:

  • a rebound in office and lodging construction, all of which are intensive users of windows and doors
  • consumer willingness to upgrade to more energy efficient products, such as vinyl and fiberglass windows in the residential market, boosting demand in the residential replacement segment
  • design trends that call for residences to feature more and larger windows and larger, more costly entry doors
  • rising preference for more and larger windows and doors to increase daylighting

However, growth will be restrained by:

  • a major deceleration in residential improvement and repair spending
  • rising interest rates, further discouraging home improvement loans, as well as new mortgage applications
  • a drop in retail construction

Fiberglass To Be Fastest Growing Material for Both Windows & Doors

Going forward, fiberglass windows and doors are expected to continue to see gains in demand, spurred by:

  • rising single-family housing completions
  • manufacturer efforts to offer doors that better resemble natural wood products and incorporate modern design features, such as larger glass areas and more decorative exteriors
  • rising interest in using fiberglass windows as a competitive product to vinyl windows in replacement applications

The residential market accounts for a large majority of fiberglass windows and doors sales, as the resemblance of fiberglass to wood is seen as desirable to most homeowners. Demand for fiberglass products in commercial construction applications will rise, though, as commercial buildings specify these products as more attractive alternatives to vinyl windows and doors.

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