World Pesticides

Annual growth in world pesticide demand through 2009 will improve from the 1999-2004 period when many prices dropped, in part due to patent expirations. Biopesticides will prompt value gains in developed regions while fungicides benefit from products effective against Asian soybean rust.

This study analyzes the US$26 billion global pesticide industry. It presents historical demand data for 1994, 1999 and 2004 and forecasts to 2009 and 2014 by product (e.g., herbicides, insecticides, fungicides); market (e.g., wheat, corn, rice, soybeans); by world region and for 27 countries.

The study also considers market environment indicators, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles major competitors including BayerCropScience, Syngenta, BASF Agricultural Products, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont Crop Protection, and Monsanto.

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