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Article Title: Disinfectants and diagnostics expected to push food safety market above $3B by 2012
By: Jason Andrukaitis
Publication: CleanRooms, 6/25/2008
Freedonia Study: Food Safety Products (2314)

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According to The Freedonia Group’s recently released “Food Safety Products” report, U.S. demand for food safety products will increase 6.5 percent per year to $3.2 billion in 2012. Rising concerns prompted by several well-publicized food-borne illness outbreaks, food product recalls, and cases of contamination in imported food products will lead to increased spending on food safety initiatives, says the market researcher. “Disinfection and diagnostic products are the largest product segments and are expected to see strong growth,” says Pauline Tung, industry analyst for The Freedonia Group.
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