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Article Title: Demand for engineering plastics in US will grow at 3.5 percent pa until 2010
Publication: Plastemart, 5/15/2009
Freedonia Study: Engineering Plastics (2404)

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US demand for engineering plastics is projected to grow at 3.5% pa to 5.4 billion pounds in 2010, a marked improvement over the five-year period from 2000 to 2005, as per a report by Freedonia. The turnaround will be driven by a resurgent electrical and electronics market, the largest consumer of engineering resins, and by increasing per vehicle usage in the large motor vehicle market. Advances will also benefit from the continued drive to replace metal and other materials with lightweight, cost-effective, high performance plastics. However, gains for engineering plastics will be tempered by increasing market maturity and competition with lower-cost commodity resins.
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