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Article Title: Materials handling: World demand for corrugated boxes predicted to reach 213 billion square meters b
Publication: Modern Materials Handling, 4/9/2009
Freedonia Study: World Corrugated Boxes (2485)

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A new study released by Cleveland-based industry research firm The Freedonia Group, Inc. reports that world demand for corrugated boxes will reach 213 square meters by 2013. The study, World Corrugated Boxes, points to contributing factors including growth in industrial activities, particularly the manufacturing sector, which often requires corrugated packaging to protect and transport goods. In addition, ongoing developments in small flute and high quality graphic board will allow corrugated boxes to penetrate traditional folding carton applications, especially in the developed world. Greater interest in corrugated packaging as a point-of-sale display in retail applications will also boost demand for value-added corrugated boxes.
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