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Article Title: lastic packaging penetrates global food container market set to grow by 3.8% until 2013
Publication: PlasteMart, 2/14/2012
Freedonia Study: World Food Containers (2601)

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Global demand for food containers is expected to increase by 3.8% annually from 2011 to 2013, reaching US$124 bln in 2013. As per a report by Freedonia, factors causing the increase in the demand for packaging include the growth in global food production as a result of rapid lifestyle change in which consumers tend to choose prepackaged food. In addition, the change in population structure will continue to have considerable influence on the demand for food containesr. For example, the percentage of urban population growth and rise in the number of working women will lead to an incresae in consumption of prepackaged processed foods because of limited meal preparation time and the benefits together with the convenience. Packaging made from biodegradable materials will be developed quickly and strongly, but from a low level, due to the huge pressure on container manufacturers to reduce the affects of their products on the environment. In general, packaging bags and small bags will remain
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