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Article Title: Freedonia: Short-term hydrogen demand to grow 3.4%
By: Peter Wray
Publication: Ceramic Tech Today, 3/10/2010
Freedonia Study: World Hydrogen (2605)

Quote from article
The research company Freedonia Group predicts that world-wide hydrogen demand will continue to climb, growing at a 3.4 percent annual pace through 2013. Oftentimes the term “hydrogen economy” is associated with emerging energy and transportation technologies, but a new report from Freedonia, World Hydrogen, indicates the growth primarily is being driven by petroleum refining enterprises that require more hydrogen to produce low-sulfur fuels. Other big drivers are chemical, semiconductor, float glass, metal components and food industries (remember the margarine commercials referring to hydrogenation?). The report predicts that 475 billion cubic meters will be required in 2013.

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