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Article Title: Worldwide Security Equipment to Reach $100 Billion by 2014, Says Freedonia
Publication:, 1/12/2011
Freedonia Study: World Security Equipment (2669)

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World demand for security equipment is projected to climb 7.4 percent annually through 2014 to nearly US$100 billion. In general, the strongest market gains will be posted in developing parts of Asia, eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East and central and southern America where security markets are relatively underdeveloped. In these regions, product demand will be fueled by generally strong economic environments, new business formation, foreign investment activity, increased urbanization, growing middle- and upper-class populations and increasing perceived risk of criminal activity. As a result, these developing regions will increasingly have both the need for and means to invest in security products. Additionally, intensity of product use (measured against indicators such as GDP, building construction spending, urban population and the size of the 15 to 24 years male population segment) is relatively low in these regions, indicating significant growth potential going forward. Whi
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