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Article Title: Plastics gaining share in packaging market
By: John Kalkowski
Publication: Packaging Digest, 12/8/2010
Freedonia Study: Paper versus Plastics in Packaging (2698)

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In selected packaging markets where paper and plastic compete, plastic will increase its overall volume share as it makes further inroads into paper applications. Plastic's share will expand more slowly than in the 2004-2009 period due to the maturity of a number of applications in terms of the share controlled by plastic. Nonetheless, material enhancements providing extended shelf life and increased durability, along with reduced material requirements and the addition of convenience features such as resealability and microwaveability, will fuel continued opportunities for plastic packaging. These and other trends are presented in Paper versus Plastic in Packaging, a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based industry market research firm.
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