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Article Title: Demand for natural stone countertops is up by a constant 5.1%/year in the USA until 2017 (+6.5% in C
Publication: Stone Ideas, 9/8/2013
Freedonia Study: Residential Kitchen & Bath Countertops in China (2890)

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Demand for kitchen and bathroom countertops is predicted to increase until 2017 by a constant 5.1%/year in the USA. Predictions also show a slight shift in material: natural stone is predicted to take on 17% from the current 16%, engineered stone is predicted to increase by 1% from 9% to 10% and laminates are said to be on the decline from a current 47% to a predicted 44%. This is the result of a study by Freedonia Group. The unabridged study by the title of „Countertops“ can be purchased for 5,300 US-dollars.
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