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Article Title: US cosmetics market to be driven by demand for naturals and anti-aging
By: Andrew McDougall
Publication: Cosmetic Designs, 7/26/2012
Freedonia Study: Cosmetic & Toiletry Chemicals (2865)

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Rising expectations Botanical extracts are expected to post the most rapid gains in demand among cosmetic and toiletry chemicals through 2016, reflecting the favorable natural profile of extracts, which many consumers perceive as being more healthful and beneficial than synthetic chemicals. In addition to natural ingredient content, consumers also increasingly expect dramatic, visible results from such products as anti-aging cosmetics and toiletries, driving demand for active ingredients such as enzymes and amino acids. Emollients, moisturizing agents, and specialty additives are also expected to grow most rapidly in the coming years. They will see the fastest growth in demand through 2016, according to the report, as consumers expect higher performance from their toiletries. Active ingredients in particular will see above average gains among specialty additives. “High value raw materials with mass consumer appeal - such as exotic essential oils sourced from various global locatio
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