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Article Title: US demand for fertilizer, seeds, mulch and more to increase in next five years
Publication: Garden Center, 5/30/2012
Freedonia Study: Lawn & Garden Consumables (2891)

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By 2016, the demand for packaged lawn and garden consumables will reach $8.8 billion, according to a recent study by market research group The Freedonia Group, Inc. The study found that although the popularity of gardening will not reach the levels it has in the last decade, US demand for lawn and garden consumables will increase 3.3 percent annually. The study found that pesticides and fertilizers will be the biggest sellers. As the housing market improves and new lawns and gardens are planted, the demand for fertilizers will continue to increase. Although fertilizer sales were down by less than one percent in the last five years, the study projects it will rise 4.4 percent by 2016
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