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Article Title: Global Demand for Abrasives to Reach $40 Billion
Publication: IT Business Net, 3/2/2014
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Global Demand for Abrasives to Reach $40 Billion March 28, 2014 ( newswire) Worldwide demand for abrasive products is forecast to expand nearly six percent per annum to $40.0 billion in 2017, with nearly all products benefiting from a variety of positive factors. Growth in the Asia/Pacific region will continue to drive gains, with especially strong advances in the large Chinese market. Of equal importance is an expected recovery in the developed regions of the world, notably the US, Western Europe, and Japan. According to analyst Gleb Mytko, In these regions durable goods manufacturing, the leading outlet for abrasives sales, will accelerate along with continued improvements in the overall economic outlook. Throughout the world, an emphasis on improved manufacturing processes will benefit abrasives market value as not only does this often require greater abrasive usage per unit but also an increasing amount of higher-priced, value-added products overall. These t
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