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Article Title: Global fluorochemicals demand to reach 3.8 mn MT in 2018
Publication: Business Standard, 10/22/2014
Freedonia Study: World Fluorochemicals (3200)

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India will be the fastest growing market for fluorochemicals globally, while China will be the largest market in 2018, according to the Freedonia Group’s new report, ‘World Fluorochemicals’. “China will continue to be the largest and one of the fastest growing markets for fluorochemicals, accounting for over 40 percent of global volume demand in 2018. Only India will experience faster growth, although from a much smaller base,” said Freedonia in a release. The global demand for fluorochemicals is forecast to accelerate, rising 3.8 percent per year to 3.8 million metric tonnes (MT) in 2018 compared to 3.16 million MT in 2013.
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