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Article Title: U.S. active, intelligent packaging demand to reach $4B in 2019
Publication: Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, 10/28/2015
Freedonia Study: Active & Intelligent Packaging (3338)

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Demand for active and intelligent packaging in the United States is forecast to expand 7.3% annually to $4 billion in 2019, well above the packaging industry average, according to “Active & Intelligent Packaging,” a study produced by The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland, Ohio-based industry market research firm. Active packaging provides functions beyond product protection and identification, such as moisture control, whereas intelligent packaging incorporates features that indicate status or communicate product changes and other information. While many active and intelligent packaging products, such as packaged desiccants and volatile corrosion inhibitors, have a well-established presence, emerging products include antimicrobial packaging, advanced time-temperature monitors and smartphone-enabled interactive packaging products.
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