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Article Title: Approaching 36 billion dollars in 2019
Publication: Macplas, 12/9/2015
Freedonia Study: World Plastics Processing Machinery (3342)

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3D printers, which represented an exotic niche market a decade ago, are the fastest growing equipment type, with sales projected to exceed 2.0 billion dollars in 2019. According to analyst Zoe Biller: “This trend is projected to continue, and plastics processing machinery sales will expand into new markets, such as dental, educational, and medical applications”. Injection moulding equipment, however, will remain the most widely used variety of plastics processing machinery in the near term, due to its versatility and the generally high quality plastic items it produces. As a result, injection moulding will account for fully two-fifths of global plastics processing machinery demand in 2019.
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