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Article Title: Freedonia Issues Study on Protective & Specialty Coatings
Publication: PFFC Paper, Film & Foil Converter, 1/3/2017
Freedonia Study: Protective & Specialty Coatings Market in the US by Market, Formulation and Substrate (3496)

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According to a new study from The Freedonia Group, solvent-based coatings historically have maintained the largest share of protective and specialty coatings. However, solvent-based coatings are projected to be surpassed by water-based coatings by 2020 as regulatory concerns continue to impact the protective and specialty market. Solvents will continue to lose share to other formulations, with trends favoring the use of water-based, high-solids, and other coatings, which have lower or no VOC emissions. These and other trends are presented in Protective & Specialty Coatings Market in the US.
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