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Article Title: Study foresees no cap on caps and closures growth
Publication: Plastics in Packaging, 1/23/2018
Freedonia Study: Global Plastic Caps & Closures by Product, Market and Region (3595)

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The report, entitled Global Plastic Caps & Closures Market, projects that gains will mostly be bolstered by bottled water, which has become the largest application for plastics closures and offers the greatest growth potential through 2021. Threaded plastics caps and closures accounted for the largest share of plastics caps and closures demand in 2016 and are forecast to continue doing so according to the study, totalling 67 per cent of the market in 2021. However, the study also predicts that advances for threaded plastics caps and closures may be affected by competition from value added closure types such as dispensing and child-resistant varieties.
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