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Freedonia Focus Reports

Each month The Freedonia Group publishes over 20 new or updated Focus Reports, providing fresh, unbiased analysis on a wide variety of markets and industries. Reporting falls in 18 industry categories and two major geographic collections, totaling over 600 reports.   

Freedonia Insights and Analysis

Published in 20-25 pages with emphasis on manufactured goods, Focus Reports are intended to guide the busy reader through pertinent topics in rapid succession, including:

  • Total historical market size and industry output
  • Segmentation by products and markets
  • Identification of market drivers, constraints, and key indicators
  • Segment-by-segment outlook in five-year forecasts
  • A survey of the supply base, and profiles of leaders
  • Suggested resources for further study

What Is Your Time Worth?

Besides independent and unbiased analysis, each Focus Report represents the time and expertise required to identify, collect, synthesize, and analyze data from a myriad of sources. They include:

  • Industry participants, and their suppliers and customers
  • Government/public agencies
  • National, regional, and international non-governmental organizations
  • Trade associations and their publications
  • The business and trade press
  • Indicator series, and forecasts developed in-house
  • The findings of related Freedonia Focus Reports and Industry Studies

Sample Focus Reports

Freedonia Focus US Collection: Freedonia Focus World Collection:

To learn more, view a sample from the US Collection and the World Collection.

Further topics among over 600 reports range from Abrasives to Machine Tools, from Natural Gas to Zinc.

  Immediate Download or Affordable Subscriptions

In addition to the purchase of individual Freedonia Focus Reports on demand from this website, access to the entire portfolio is available via The Freedonia Group’s online Subscriber Portal.

Organizations such as investment banks, consultancies, private equity firms, NGOs, and various libraries find subscriptions a convenient, cost-effective means to keep pace with new and updated releases, or to answer research questions without delay.

Try a Focus Report and Receive Credit Toward Your Subscription

Clients with ongoing interests in a variety of topics benefit from access to a comprehensive collection of reliable market research. As such, customers who procure a Focus Report automatically receive an upgrade credit toward their first year’s access to the Subscriber Portal. Eligibility remains in effect for 30 days after initial purchase.

Contact Us For More Information

To learn more about individual reports, subscriptions, or upgrade credit, please call Client Services at +1 440-684-9600 or contact us via our inquiry form.

Are you an academic librarian? Learn more about our free trial of the Subscriber Portal.

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