Industry Reshaping at 6 Leading Internal Combustion Engine Filter Manufacturers

Industry Reshaping at 6 Leading Internal Combustion Engine Filter Manufacturers

Filters are used in internal combustion engines (ICEs) to remove contaminants, particles, and other debris.  These filters are designed to protect against engine damage and wear, and also provide noise dampening and other properties.

 Specific types of ICE filters include:

  • oil filters
  • air intake filters
  • fuel filters
  • cabin air, diesel particulate, and other related filters

Globally, thousands of companies are involved in the production of ICE filters.  Manufacturers range from small, privately held firms that make one type of product to large multinational corporations that offer a wide variety of filters and filter media, along with associated equipment and components.  Here is a closer look at some of the top competitors in this global market and various ways that these companies attempt to increase their market share.

Major Filter Producers Expand Market Share through Acquisitions

Buying a competitor can allows a company to increase its market share, expand its range of products in a given segment, gain entry into a new segment of the business, or purchase valuable technology.  In addition, acquisitions can provide quicker entry into a new geographic market than slowly building a presence through internal growth. 

Donaldson has a strategic focus on filters for motor vehicles, aerospace equipment, and off-road equipment for the construction, agricultural, and defense industries.  The company bought the manufacturing operations and other business assets of Industrias Partmo (a Colombian producer of air, lubricant, and fuel filters for medium- and heavy-duty internal combustion engines) in August 2016.  This purchase gave Donaldson its first engine liquid filter production facility in South America.

MANN+HUMMEL greatly bolstered its operations in global ICE filter market through the May 2016 acquisition of Affinia Group, a filter producer specializing in aftermarket oil, fuel, air, hydraulic, and coolant filters.  The acquisition helped MANN+HUMMEL gain access to the US heavy-duty and hydraulic filtration markets.

Joint Ventures Offer Chances to Increase Market Share

Many ICE filter producers form joint ventures with other companies to manufacture and sell filters.  Joint ventures allow firms to save money by splitting financial costs and increase their market reach. 

DENSO produces oil, fuel, and engine and cabin air filters for the global ICE filter market.  Many of the company’s filters are made via a series of joint ventures with Toyota Boshoku.  The two companies have ICE filter manufacturing ventures in Thailand, China, Poland, and the US.

Freudenberg is a manufacturer of ICE filters for automotive, industrial, and other applications.  Among the company’s operations are numerous joint ventures with Japan Vilene.  The companies’ ICE filter joint ventures include multiple firms in China and South Korea, as well as a single joint venture in Thailand.

MAHLE International Expands in Mexico

Global ICE filter manufacturers also attempt to increase market share through constructing and opening new filter production facilities. 

MAHLE International is a significant supplier of filters to the motor vehicle and engine industries.  The company opened an air intake filter plant in Celaya, Mexico in June 2015.  The Celaya facility is strategically located to serve Audi, Mazda, Toyota, and BMW assembly plants that are under construction or are planned in the area.

Vehicle Emission Regulations Can Lead to Growth Opportunities

In recent years, stricter vehicle emission regulations were brought about in numerous countries worldwide, including China, the US, and countries in the European Union.  These tougher emission control policies have generally had a positive effect on demand for ICE filters, which are used to remove pollutants and contaminants. 

NGK Insulators is the leading supplier of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) in the world.  DPFs have attained notable growth from vehicle emission regulations, leading to increased usage of these products, particularly in the European Union.

Where to Learn More

For more information on the global ICE filter market, including the listed and other leading manufacturers, see The Freedonia Group’s study Global Internal Combustion Engine & Related Filter Markets.

This comprehensive industry study presents such information as:

  • historical demand data
  • forecasts by type of filter (oil, air intake, fuel, other)
  • forecasts by market (motor vehicle, other transportation, off-highway vehicle)
  • regulatory factors
  • industry structure
  • company market share

About the Author:

Ian Tryon is a Corporate Analyst at the Freedonia Group, where he works on studies related to the construction, packaging, and industrial components markets, for the US, Chinese, and global markets.