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Heightened Concerns About Hygiene Are Propelling Innovation & Adoption of Touchless Technology in Elevators

Touchless technology is about more than a faucet on a sink or a public toilet flush. Heightened concern about hygiene, particularly in public spaces, coupled with the convenience of the technology is bringing touchless innovation into elevators as well. Key innovations include calling and controlling elevators via gesturing, app-enabled, and voice-activated technologies.

The May 2020 edition of The Freedonia Group’s consumer survey found 79% of adults believe the coronavirus is a health threat to them. That demonstrates the importance of people perceiving elevators as safe to their health.

Convincing people to get into elevators is incredibly crucial to getting the economy moving again. A mass exodus of companies and residents leasing space in elevator buildings due to safety concerns would create a real estate crisis in major metropolitan areas.

Building managers, however, want to know that this need will last beyond the current crisis before investing in these upgrades, which can be costly. Although Freedonia analysts note that the heightened interest in hygiene might slide back a little bit as the current crisis subsides, it’s going to stay at a higher level than it was before. Touchless technologies are a convenience, so there is a reason to adopt them that extends beyond the current coronavirus crisis.

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