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Pandemic-Era Home Bakers Go Pro

The pandemic led to baking booms. In fact, according to the November-December 2020 edition of the Packaged Facts National Online Consumer Survey, 25% of respondents who bake noted that they have baked more than usual since the start of the pandemic. Additionally, 6% of home bakers noted that they have taken up sourdough baking – a particularly trendy type on social media – this year.

Many of these home bakers turned it from a hobby into a serious endeavor. Enrollment at culinary schools and the launch of small baking businesses is up as more home bakers consider turning the hobby into a career change. Some were driven by necessity as their previous employment was shut down or limited by public health rules while others were motivated by the now-or-never types of emotion of the pandemic to follow their bliss.

As these new home/pro bakers expand, key opportunities to do so in a manageable way include:

  • upgrading home kitchens and appliances
  • joining a commercial kitchen cooperative
  • leasing “ghost kitchen” space with a foodservice operator
  • going mobile with home delivery and food trucks

Regardless of how they expand, the 59% of us who have been eating more comfort foods because of the pandemic (November-December 2020 edition of the Packaged Facts National Online Consumer Survey) will find more ways to enjoy a variety of fresh baked breads, cakes, and treats.

For more information and discussion of opportunities, see The Freedonia Group’s extensive collection of off-the-shelf research, particularly in the Packaging area and Global Major Household Appliances, as well as analysis from our sister publisher Packaged Facts, including Home Baking: US Market Trends & Opportunities and Chocolate Candy: US Market Trends & Opportunities. Freedonia Custom Research is also available for questions requiring tailored market intelligence.

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