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An Unexpected Development in Multifamily Housing: Larger Apartments

Something we have frequently chronicled on this blog is the strong demand for new housing across the US. While this has fueled the construction of single-family housing, the fact remains that the shortage of available – and affordable – housing has in turn led to calls for an increase in the construction of multifamily housing units (e.g., apartments and condominiums). Apartments and condominiums do have some advantages over single-family homes, key among them affordability – rent is often less costly than a mortgage payment in many markets – and the generally larger number of living units that can be included in a multifamily housing complex.

Thus, a recent article describing increasing construction of larger apartments shows that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting this segment of the housing market as much as it is single-family housing. For many renters, larger apartments are a necessity. With hybrid work arrangements increasing becoming common, tenants need designated spaces for home offices – no matter how cozy they may seem. Furthermore, with many people adjusting their lifestyles in the pandemic – and remaining in their apartments more – even modest increases in living space can be seen as an attractive feature to potential tenants.

However, this trend of larger-sized apartments does have some potential downsides:

  • Increases in the size of an apartment means that fewer units will be constructed, at a time when more residences of every type are needed in the US.
  • Similarly, larger-sized will generally command higher rents, potentially pricing out lower-income tenants and those who suffered financial reverses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The mix of building materials needed to construct these larger apartments will also change – more drywall and interior supports will be needed to create these additional rooms, while more flooring, paint, and interior molding will needed to finish these units.

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