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Fresh, Customized, & Contactless… More Robots in Foodservice

We’ve talked before about Sally, a salad making robot from Chowbotics (which was bought by DoorDash in February 2021). Sally seemed an ideal response to interest in healthy eating coupled with concerns about salad bars in the COVID-era, as consumers and businesses were more aware of germs and interested in contactless options.

But since we’re also in an era of shortages in labor – particularly in foodservice – and experiencing rising costs for labor, food, and facilities, there is additional energy behind the idea of how automation can help. Tech innovators have stepped in. The most recent example is the RoboBurger, first placed in New Jersey. This is not an April Fools’ joke – you can’t joke about National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) certification!

The RoboBurger requires human workers to stock the machine and to check it if on-board sensors report tech trouble, such as a power outage or other reason for improper heating or refrigeration. Otherwise, this 12 square foot mobile kitchen can make a fresh burger in about 6 minutes. The unit allows for 24/7 operation in places like college campuses, airports, malls, hospitals, and other such facilities where hot food demand could fall outside of conventional restaurant operating hours.

Freedonia analysts will continue to watch for ways that robots, artificial intelligence, and other innovations will enable businesses to operate more efficiently and affordably. These and other innovations will help businesses provide customers what they want and need when and where they want and need it.

For more information on discussion of opportunities, see Packaged Facts’ Food & Beverage industry coverage, including Food Carryout & Delivery (update coming in May 2022) and The Freedonia Group’s analysis of the packaging industry, including to-go containers in Foodservice Single-Use Products and Global Foodservice Single-Use Products. Freedonia Custom Research is also available for questions requiring tailored market intelligence.

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