Global Demand for Chainsaws Forecast to Expand 3.4% Annually Through 2023

According to the Freedonia Group study Global Forestry Equipment, demand for felling equipment is projected to rise 2.9% annually through 2023 to $3.3 billion, supported by two main trends:

  • greater mechanization of felling operations in developing countries
  • the replacement of older equipment in developed areas

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Manufacturers are introducing improved machinery and components to increase durability, performance, efficiency, and operator safety and comfort. In a competitive market with many participants with sizable research and development operations, this is necessary to remain competitive.

Global demand for chainsaws is forecast to expand 3.4% annually through 2023 to $1.4 billion. A number of factors will boost demand for chainsaws:

  • significantly lower cost of chainsaws compared to other types of felling equipment
  • ability to use chainsaws in terrain that is not amenable to the use of larger equipment
  • relatively short lifespan of chainsaws compared to other types of felling equipment, heightening replacement demand
  • widespread use of chainsaws in comparison to more advanced equipment, which is only found in mechanized markets

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