Global Electric Lawn & Garden Equipment Sales to Climb 6.0% Annually Through 2025

Cleveland OH, February 25, 2022 – A new Freedonia Group analysis forecasts global demand for electric lawn and garden equipment to increase 6.0% per year to $6.6 billion in 2025, driven by the ongoing transition from engine-driven equipment to battery-powered equipment in many segments:

  • Battery-powered products will account for the vast majority of gains, boosted by rising penetration of robotic mowers, which typically run on battery power.
  • Corded electric products, in contrast, are a mature technology and hold limited growth prospects.

In addition to consumers, more landscapers are also going electric as better-performing models become available, with recently passed legislation in California expected to help accelerate this trend nationally.

Lawn Care Markets Elevated by Pandemic

Electric lawn and garden equipment sales surged in 2020 due to the impact of lockdowns and other social distancing measures led to booming interest in DIY lawn care. This trend was particularly strong in the US, where demand spiked 17% in 2020, as well as other high-income nations with established lawn care culture and large populations capable of working from home.

Elevated demand levels persisted well into 2021, and lawn and garden equipment producers face a healthy market environment heading into the 2022 summer season. However, there is some risk that rising widespread interest in DIY lawn care will prove a relatively short-term trend once uncertainty caused by the pandemic subsides, and suppliers across the lawn and garden industry will be tasked with sustaining consumer interest in order to maintain high sales levels.

Want to Learn More?

Global Electric Lawn & Garden Equipment, now available from The Freedonia Group, provides historical data for 2010, 2015, and 2020 and forecasts for 2025 and 2030 for global electric lawn and garden equipment demand in current dollar terms (which are not adjusted for inflation). Demand totals at the country level are also presented in local currency terms.

Demand by product is presented for:

  • lawn mowers
  • trimmers and edgers
  • chainsaws
  • turf and grounds mowers
  • other equipment, including blowers, vacuums, and sweepers; chipper/shredders; garden tractors; hedge trimmers; power tillers; snow blowers

Demand is also presented by power source (battery-powered, cordless electric) and by market (consumer, commercial).