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Industrial Fasteners - Demand and Sales Forecasts, Market Share, Market Size, Market Leaders

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  • Published: 05/2016
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Industrial Fasteners - Industry Market Research, Market Share, Market Size, Sales, Demand Forecast, Market Leaders, Company Profiles, Industry Trends

The US market for industrial fasteners is expected to increase 2.6 percent per year to $15.2 billion in 2020. This will constitute a return to more sustainable growth levels for these relatively mature products, following a surge in demand posted during the recovery-fueled 2010-2015 period. The performance of this industry has always been strongly impacted by trends in motor vehicle production, its largest end-user market. As motor vehicle output moderates, so too will associated fastener demand. The fastest growth in fastener sales will be found in the construction market, as construction activity -- both residential and nonresidential -- continues to advance at solid rates. Companies mentioned include Precision Castparts, Illinois Tool Works, Alcoa, and Stanley Black & Decker.

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Table of Contents





Economic Environment

Cyclical Trends

Long-Term Trends

Market Dynamics




Pricing Patterns

Fastener Materials




Basic Fastener Technology

New Technologies

Competitive Joining Technologies

Legal & Regulatory Environment

International Environment

World Supply & Demand

US Foreign Trade





Standard Fasteners

Externally Threaded

Standard Screws

Standard Bolts


Internally Threaded

Conventional Nuts







Leading Producers

Aerospace-Grade Fasteners

Externally Threaded

Internally Threaded


Leading Producers



Original Equipment Manufacturing

Motor Vehicles

Industry Outlook

Fastener Market


Industry Outlook

Fastener Market


Industry Outlook

Fastener Market

Fabricated Metal Products

Industry Outlook

Fastener Market

Electrical & Electronic Products

Industry Outlook

Fastener Market

Furniture & Wood Products

Industry Outlook

Fastener Market

Other OEM Applications



Sector Outlook

Fastener Market


Sector Outlook

Fastener Market

Public/Institutional Sector

Sector Outlook

Fastener Market




Industry Composition

Market Share

Product Development & Manufacturing

Marketing & Distribution

Cooperative Agreements

Financial Requirements

Mergers, Acquisitions, & Industry Restructuring

Company Profiles

AAA Aircraft Supply, see Berkshire Hathaway

Acument Global Technologies, see Fontana Luigi

Air Industries, see Berkshire Hathaway

AJAX Metal Processing, see Cold Heading

Alcoa Incorporated

Allfast Fastening Systems, see TriMas

Aoyama Seisakusho Company Limited

ARaymond, see Raymond (A.) Group

Arnold Umformtechnik, see Würth (Adolf)

ASYST Technologies, see EJOT Holding

Atlas Bolt & Screw, see Berkshire Hathaway

Automatic Screw Machine Products, see Doncasters Group

Avibank Manufacturing, see Berkshire Hathaway

AVK Industrial Products, see Berkshire Hathaway

Baier & Michels, see Würth (Adolf)

Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated

Böllhoff (Wilhelm) GmbH & Company KG

Cardinal Fastener, see Fastenal

Cherry Aerospace, see Berkshire Hathaway

Cold Heading Company

Delo Screw Products, see Park-Ohio Holdings

Des Moines Bolt, see Würth (Adolf)

Dokka Fasteners, see Würth (Adolf)

Doncasters Group Limited

Duo-Fast Construction, see Illinois Tool Works

EBC Industries, see Doncasters Group

EJOT Holding GmbH & Company KG

ERICO Global, see Pentair

Erie Bolt, see Doncasters Group

FACIL & Cie GCV, see KAMAX Holding and Raymond (A.) Group

Fastenal Company

Fatigue Technology, see Berkshire Hathaway

Federal Screw Works

Ferry Cap & Set Screw, see Doncasters Group

Fontana Luigi SpA

Fremont Rolling, see Cold Heading

General Fasteners, see MNP

GESIPA Fasteners USA, see SFS Group

Global Fastener Alliance, see Böllhoff (Wilhelm), EJOT Holding, and MacLean-Fogg

Greer Stop Nut, see Berkshire Hathaway

Hilti AG

Ifastgroupe LP

Illinois Tool Works Incorporated

Indiana Automotive Fasteners, see Aoyama Seisakusho

Infasco Distribution, see Ifastgroupe

ITW California Industrial Products, see Illinois Tool Works

KAMAX Holding GmbH & Company KG

Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding, see Shanghai Prime Machinery

Lamons Gasket, see TriMas

Link Solutions for Industry

MacLean-Fogg Company

Marmon Holdings, see Berkshire Hathaway

MNP Corporation

Monogram Aerospace Fasteners, see TriMas

Nelson Stud Welding, see Doncasters Group

Net Shaped Solutions Technologies, see Berkshire Hathaway

Nifco Incorporated

Nucor Corporation

Nylok, see Berkshire Hathaway

Pan American Screw, see Berkshire Hathaway

Park-Ohio Holdings Corporation

PB Fasteners, see Berkshire Hathaway

PennEngineering & Manufacturing Corporation

Pentair plc

PIOLAX Incorporated

Powers Fasteners, see Stanley Black & Decker

Precision Castparts, see Berkshire Hathaway

Raymond (A.) Group

Raywal North America, see Raymond (A.) Group

RB&W Manufacturing, see Park-Ohio Holdings

Robertson, see Berkshire Hathaway

Saturn Fasteners, see Fontana Luigi

SFS Group AG

Shanghai Prime Machinery Company Limited

Shur-Lok, see Berkshire Hathaway

Southco Incorporated

Specialty Bar Products, see Doncasters Group

SPS Technologies, see Berkshire Hathaway

Stanley Black & Decker Incorporated

Supply Technologies, see Park-Ohio Holdings

SURE DRIVE USA, see Berkshire Hathaway

Timberline Fasteners, see Würth (Adolf)

TriMas Corporation

TRW Automotive Holdings, see ZF Friedrichshafen

Western Builders Supply, see Berkshire Hathaway

Würth (Adolf) GmbH & Company KG

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Additional Companies in the US Industrial Fastener Industry

List of Tables


Summary Table


Macroeconomic Indicators

Industrial Fastener Market, 2005-2015

Manufacturers' Shipments

Private Fixed Investment by Sector

Construction Expenditures

Industrial Fastener Price Deflators

Fastener Demand by Material

World Industrial Fastener Demand by Region

US Foreign Trade in Industrial Fasteners

US Industrial Fastener Imports by Source, 2005-2015

US Industrial Fastener Exports by Destination, 2005-2015


Industrial Fastener Supply & Demand

Standard Fastener Supply & Demand

Externally Threaded Standard Fastener Demand

Internally Threaded Standard Fastener Demand

Nonthreaded Standard Fastener Demand

Application-Specific Standard Fastener Demand

Aerospace-Grade Fastener Supply & Demand

Externally Threaded Aerospace-Grade Fastener Demand

Internally Threaded Aerospace-Grade Fastener Demand

Nonthreaded Aerospace-Grade Fastener Demand


Industrial Fastener Demand by Market

OEM Industrial Fastener Demand by Market

Motor Vehicle Indicators

Motor Vehicle Fastener Demand

Machinery Shipments

Machinery Fastener Demand

Aerospace Equipment Shipments

Aerospace Equipment Fastener Demand

Fabricated Metal Product Shipments

Fabricated Metal Product Fastener Demand

Electrical & Electronic Product Shipments

Electrical & Electronic Product Fastener Demand

Furniture & Wood Product Shipments

Furniture & Wood Product Fastener Demand

Other OEM Fastener Demand

MRO Fastener Demand by Market

Selected Service Revenues

Service Sector Fastener Demand

Industrial Sector Outlook

Industrial Sector MRO Fastener Demand

Government Spending & Investment

Public/Institutional Sector Fastener Demand

Construction Sector Fastener Demand


Selected US Industrial Fastener Sales by Company, 2015

Selected Cooperative Agreements

Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures

List of Charts



Industrial Fastener Market, 2006-2015

Industrial Fastener Price Deflators, 2005-2025


Standard Fastener Demand by Type, 2015

Standard Fastener Market Share, 2015

Aerospace-Grade Fastener Demand by Type, 2015

Aerospace-Grade Fastener Market Share, 2015


Industrial Fastener Demand by Market, 2005-2025

OEM Industrial Fastener Demand by Market, 2015

Value Growth by OEM Market, 2015-2020

MRO Fastener Demand by Market, 2015


Industrial Fastener Market Share, 2015

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