The Freedonia Group offers a number of subscription programs designed to make our unbiased, reliable market research more accessible and affordable. The content is delivered to you through our cutting-edge, web-based platform that makes it easy to use our content in your workflow. We can design a subscription around your individual, division or enterprise needs, and make it easy on your budget.

Maximize Your Research Investment

Now is a great time to take advantage of a Freedonia subscription to fuel your growth in 2023 and save time and money!

Unlimited, immediate, 24/7 access to your subscription is available to you — or your entire organization — through our Knowledge Center. Furthermore, pricing represents a fraction of the cost of purchasing our Industry Studies or Focus Reports one by one.

Subscription Programs

All our subscriptions provide access to the latest Freedonia research, ensuring you and your colleagues have the most up-to-date insights and analysis on hand to inform critical business decisions and planning. Key decision makers throughout the organization and around the globe will benefit from access to a broad range of relevant and reliable market research. Defined and predictable investment levels allow exploration of adjacencies without concern over incurring additional costs. In addition, most programs include substantial savings from our one-off pricing in the unlikely event the research you need is outside the subscribed content.

    Options Available

  • Industry Towers

    Gain access to all of the Industry Studies included in an industry category or sub-category (e.g., Building Products, Chemicals, Packaging, Plastics).

  • Core Markets Pack

    Includes all of our Industry Studies covering the industries and markets in which your company participates.

  • Focus Reports

    Provides access to roughly 600 concise market research studies. Perfect for organizations that need expert analysis on a wide range of topics.

  • Tailor Your Subscription

    Tell us about your needs. We'll collaborate with you to develop a subscription program tailored to meet them.

Combine a subscription of our Focus Reports and Industry Studies and save on both. Combination programs meet your needs by providing a mix of the brief but topically broad coverage of Focus Reports along with the comprehensive analysis of our Industry Studies. Stir in our Custom Research capabilities when your needs call for it, and you have the perfect market research solution designed to meet your organization's objectives and empower its success (and yours).

Our Platform

The Freedonia Knowledge Center is a highly intuitive system that lets you access and use Freedonia incisive research flexibly, saving time and getting better value for your investment.

Easily Find the Research Most Valuable to You

How often do you waste valuable time trawling through long reports for just a snippet of information? With the Freedonia Knowledge Center you can get straight to the information you need. The Freedonia Knowledge Center boasts advanced search tools to guide you to the most relevant reports and even most useful sections of reports. You can instantly dismiss irrelevant content by filtering results, seeing keywords in context and viewing the frequency of search terms. Gone are the days of painstakingly scouring individual PDFs – our interactive reports are fully searchable so the system does all the work for you. What's more, since the Freedonia Knowledge Center pulls search results from across our entire database, you can rest assured that you will never miss relevant research.

Incorporate Freedonia Research Directly into your Workflow

Think of all the jobs your organization does with research reports and how much time and effort they require. Keep this in mind as you read about some of the Freedonia Knowledge Center's one-click tools for improving your efficiency.

Tables or figures-only views

If you just want to cut straight to the data in a report it's really handy to have dedicated views for tables or figures. These allow you to bypass other content and comment on, export (to Microsoft Office) or print individual tables or figures/ charts.

Export to Microsoft Office

Do you ever need to lift figures into presentations or further analyze tables? PDFs require copying, pasting and even recreating original data sources. With one click, the Freedonia Knowledge Center lets you export content straight to Excel, PowerPoint or Word in branded, presentation-ready format.

Cut your own report tool

You'll need a summary of your research findings before you can put them to good use. This tool lets you filter sections of reports, create custom content straight from searches and pull research from numerous reports to compile executive summaries in record time.

Split-screen view

Do you ever compare multiple reports? Downloading a PDF, finding the relevant sections and going through the whole process again with the comparative report is tedious. With the Freedonia Knowledge Center you can view content from different reports side-by-side instead.

See it all in action

Take a look at our brief user tutorial. It provides a sneak peak of the outstanding functionality that makes our research more accessible and valuable than ever. See why our clients tell us it is the finest portal they have seen. Then contact us to arrange your own personal tour, which will feature the research most relevant to your organization.

Collaborate with your Colleagues More Effectively

Your research findings won't aid your business decision making if you don't communicate effectively with others, so the Freedonia Knowledge Center makes collaboration quick and easy.

You can comment on report sections, tables or figures to instantly share your thoughts with colleagues, as you would with posts on social networking sites. Every user has a profile with contact information and a photo/corporate logo, so you can enjoy a more personal approach to collaboration even if you and your colleagues work on opposite sides of the world!

Stay Up to Date with Freedonia's Latest Research

In a fast-moving industry like yours, access to the most up-to-date information is vital. The last thing you want is your competitors finding new research and acting on it before you do. The Freedonia Knowledge Center makes sure you always know what's new. We place tailored, useful information on your welcome page, and the "new reports" tab lets you instantly navigate to our latest research. Freedonia Knowledge Center users can also subscribe to email alerts. We'll tell you when we've updated reports you're subscribed to or when your saved searches return new results. You just have to keep an eye on your inbox.

An Easier Life if English isn't your First Language

We all know that most research reports are written in English. While your understanding of Business English is good, wouldn't you prefer to access content in your native language? The Freedonia Knowledge Center provides several options to eliminate language barriers.

You can select a language for the user interface to view a translated version of reports side-by-side with the English versions. Our reports can be translated into any of nine languages – German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese, and the platform supports reports originally written in these languages too. The time and inconvenience of constantly referring to a dictionary will be a thing of the past with the Freedonia Knowledge Center.

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