Food & Beverage Natural Colors Market in the US by Color

Consumer Trends and Growth in Underlying Applications Will Drive Gains in Food and Beverage Natural Colors

Natural Colors

US demand for food and beverage natural colors is forecast to rise 7.7% annually through 2021. Gains will be supported by all-natural, organic, and non-GMO trends within the food and beverage markets. Growth in the underlying applications will also impact demand.

Key Findings in the Food & Beverage Natural Colors Study:

Red & Yellow Natural Colors to Remain Largest Food & Beverage Natural Color Types

Together, red and yellow natural colors are forecast to account for 44% of total demand, supported by their widespread use in food and beverage applications, in particular beverages. The fastest growth will be seen for blue & green natural colors, supported by development of new products with increased stabilities. Declining carbonated soft drink production and increasing concerns surrounding the health impact of caramel colors will impact growth of demand for brown natural colors, restraining further gains in demand.

Growth in Beverages Demand Impacted by Declining Soft Drink Production

Beverages are forecast to remain the largest market in 2021, accounting for one-third of overall demand. However, this market will post among the slowest gains, as declining production of soft drinks -- the largest segment for natural colors in the beverages market -- impact demand for natural colors, in particular brown natural colors. Candy and confections and other applications including products marketed toward children -- such as breakfast cereals and snack packs -- are expected to experience the fastest growth, as food and beverage manufacturers respond to consumers’ demand for clean label products.

Study Coverage

This study presents historical demand data (2006, 2011, and 2016) and forecasts (2021) by color, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and other natural colors. The study also evaluates company market share and competitive analysis on industry competitors including Chr. Hanse, Sensient, GNT, and Naturex.

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