Global Diesel Engines

6th Edition

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This study examines global supply and demand for diesel engines. Historical data (2008, 2013, and 2018) and forecasts for 2023 are provided for diesel engine demand by product and market, net exports, and shipments for major countries. Ten-year historical demand totals are also presented by country in both US dollars and local currency.

Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are segmented into:

  • complete engines, including diesel, semi-diesel, dual-fuel, and all other compression ignition engines
  • parts, including those used in both engine rebuilding and routine repair; specific parts include crankshafts, engine blocks, heads and cylinders, injection systems, and turbochargers, among others

Diesel engine demand can also be categorized by market. The primary markets for diesel engines are:

  • motor vehicles, including light, medium, and heavy vehicles
  • off-road equipment, including agriculture, construction, forestry, and mining equipment
  • other mobile equipment, including marine, railroad, and aerospace equipment and motorcycles
  • stationary equipment, including generator sets and immobile industrial equipment

Associated external engine products like fuel handling systems, storage tanks, and exhaust systems are not included in the scope of this study.

Demand by product and market is presented in dollars and is shown at the manufacturers’ level and excludes distributor and retailer markups.

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