Global Disposable Medical Supplies

3rd Edition

This study provides historical data (2007, 2012, 2017) and demand forecasts for 2022 for disposable medical supplies in millions of US dollars (including inflation) by type, market, region, and major countries.

Disposable Medical Supplies

The terms “shipments”, “production”, and “output” are used interchangeably in the study, as are the terms “demand”, “sales”, and “market”, which are defined as domestic shipments, plus imports, minus exports.

For purposes of this study, disposable medical supplies demand is defined as the value of finished products sold by producers at the wholesale level.

Among the specific products analyzed are:

  • surgical instruments and supplies
  • infusion and hypodermic devices
  • diagnostic and laboratory disposables
  • bandages and wound dressings
  • nonwoven medical disposables
  • respiratory devices
  • sterilization supplies
  • incontinence goods
  • dialysis disposables
  • medical and laboratory gloves
  • other products, including patient room supplies, urinary catheters and accessories, ostomy products, first aid kits, medical sponges, transdermal patches, medical waste disposal supplies, medical cotton goods, and enema supplies

Demand is also analyzed by the following markets:

  • hospitals
  • home healthcare services
  • outpatient services
  • other markets, including skilled nursing homes, dental practices, senior day camps and centers, coroners and law enforcement agencies, clinical testing laboratories, life science research organizations, blood banks, educational health centers, public first aid stations, and industrial-occupational clinics

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