Global Industrial & Institutional (I&I) Cleaning Chemicals

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I&I Cleaning Chemicals

Global demand for industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaning chemicals is expected to grow 3.9% yearly to $53.7 billion in 2026. Gains will be supported by:

  • ongoing growth in manufacturing activity, most notably in food and beverage manufacturing, the single largest outlet for I&I cleaning chemicals
  • increases in healthcare spending, boosted by aging populations in developed regions and the expanding access to healthcare in developing regions
  • the ongoing application of stringent cleanliness and sanitation protocols in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities
  • increasing personal incomes, which will support demand in foodservice and hotels as consumers dine out more often and travel more frequently
  • the continued transition toward better performing, higher value cleaning chemicals, especially in developing countries

Accelerating Commercial Market Drives Global Demand for I&I Cleaning Chemicals

The commercial market will account for the largest absolute gains of any I&I cleaning chemical market due to a rebound in foodservice applications, as revenues from restaurants and other foodservice establishments continue to grow following significant pandemic-related declines in 2020. The return of international tourism, which suffered significantly in 2020 and continued to be affected in 2021, will also spur cleaning chemical demand for hotels. Transportation, distribution, and storage applications will also see significant growth, as increased manufacturing of a variety of goods, coupled with rising e-commerce activity, spur demand for vehicle care and floor care products.

Disinfectants, Sanitizers, & Vehicle Care Products Will See Healthy Growth

Demand for disinfectants and sanitizers will grow at a healthy rate through 2026, primarily driven by food and beverage manufacturing. An increase in food and beverage production, notably for export markets, will support growth. Gains in healthcare spending will also boost growth. In addition, the continuation of stringent cleaning and sanitation protocols, most notably in foodservice, commercial, and institutional applications, will benefit demand.

Vehicle care products will also see above average gains, buoyed by increasing shipping and distribution activities, as well as increasing patronization of commercial car washes as average vehicle miles traveled returns to pre-pandemic levels.

Specialized Products Increasing Their Share of the I&I Cleaning Chemicals Market

General purpose cleaners will remain the most used cleaning chemical product due to their ease of use, which makes them amenable to nearly all applications. However, specialized products are steadily becoming more important, and are cumulatively reducing general purpose cleaners’ share of the market due to their better performance. In particular, disinfectants and sanitizers are gaining share, due to growth in food and beverage processing and efforts by processors to meet the stringent cleanliness regulations of their trade partners.

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