Outdoor Furniture & Grills

7th Edition

This study now includes a COVID-19: Market Impact Analysis with an estimated market size for year 2020.

How will the COVID-19 coronavirus impact the global economy? The Freedonia Group is tracking recent developments and analyzing their impact in an easy to follow Economic Impact Tracker.

This study analyzes US markets for outdoor furniture and grill products. Specific products covered include:

  • outdoor furniture (furniture made of metal, plastic, wicker, rattan, or wood, as well as hammocks and umbrellas) and related accessories (furniture covers, grill covers, cushions, and accent pillows)
  • grills and related outdoor cooking appliances (gas, charcoal, wood, and electric), as well as related accessories (replacement parts, propane tanks, and grilling utensils)
  • patio heating products (fire pits, fireplaces, and radiant heaters)

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Outdoor Furniture and Grills

This study only covers manufactured grill products, including kits requiring assembly, but excludes site-built cooking implements like pizza ovens built from bricks and grating that are not marketed specifically for that purpose. In addition, kits that require assembly – as in fire pits or fireplaces – are included in this study, while site-built products made from scratch are not covered.

Historical data for 2009, 2014, and 2019 and forecasts for 2024 are provided for outdoor furniture and grill demand at the manufacturer’s level in current dollars (which are not adjusted to account for inflation). Demand is broken out by the above product types, by market (consumer-grade and commercial-grade), and by geographic region (see below).

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