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The Freedonia Group, founded in 1985, is a leading international publisher of business information and industry research, publishing more than 125 industry studies each year. Freedonia studies specialize in the life sciences, chemicals, plastics, packaging, building materials, energy, and communications industries. Our industry analysis provides an unbiased outlook and a reliable assessment of an industry and includes product and market forecasts, industry trends, threats and opportunities, competitive strategies, market share determinations and company profiles. More than 90% of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500 use Freedonia research to help with their strategic planning.


As an economist, you will be responsible for making sure the numbers used in multiple studies are consistent with published data and across TFG studies. This division of labor is designed to free up industry analysts to concentrate their time and effort on developing the numbers specific to their study.

The economist is responsible for helping to put together three major sets of information: US, China and World Composites historical series and forecasts for 5- and 10-years ahead, which include variables such as GDP, population, construction spending, and manufacturers' shipments other economic indicators for analysts' studies US and European trade data. In addition to fulfilling the duties mentioned above, a good economist will find ways to organize information and present it in forms that will make it easier and faster for TFG analysts to access.

The following skills are important:

  • Good G.P.A.
  • B.A/B.S. or M.A. in Economics (other math-related degrees may be considered)
  • Spreadsheets: beyond basics a plus
  • Research - comfortable conducting research and working with primary and secondary documents, as well as the ability to assess the quality of sources
  • Self-disciplined and able to meet deadlines
  • Capable of multitasking and working on multiple projects at the same tim
  • Good Interpersonal Skills/Communication Skills

Resume and cover letter may be emailed to the Human Resources Manager (


We have an immediate opening for an editor to work on industry research studies. This opportunity is for a hard-working, detail-oriented person. The ideal candidate must have a college degree, excellent grammar and writing skills, word processing experience and high energy. We will consider candidates from a variety of different backgrounds and degrees. Full-time entry-level position offers competitive salary and benefits, advancement opportunities and a casual dress code.

To apply for the position, send a cover letter and resume to (

Market Research Analyst - Freedonia Focus Reports

Freedonia Focus Reports, a division of The Freedonia Group, is actively seeking candidates for a full-time Market Research Analyst. Freedonia Focus Reports is a publisher of market research and analysis serving a wide range of business clients. The successful candidate will have likely graduated from an economics, finance, business, or a related program (eg, mathematics or political science) and will exhibit the potential to fulfill the following duties:

  • Conduct market research with interest and resourcefulness.
  • Successfully follow established research processes and analysis methods, including in-house data analysis techniques.
  • Write concise reports in clear, coherent business English.
  • Help promote Focus Reports by drafting blogs and other communications.

We also expect the successful candidate to consistently demonstrate:

  • The independence and self-motivation to deliver high-quality work while adhering to deadlines.
  • A natural tendency to be organized and methodical.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • An appreciation for established processes and checklists.
  • The creativity and confidence to offer ideas for conducting our work to an even higher standard of efficiency and quality.

Benefits of the position include the following:

  • The opportunity to further develop writing skills in collaboration with editors.
  • Each Market Research Analyst obtains direct exposure to dozens of market research topics each year. He or she thereby develops vast personal and professional knowledge over time.
  • The Freedonia Group is a highly respected research company, and a successful Market Research Analyst shares that high standing by association. He or she also gains professional confidence by supporting the company’s continued success.
  • Further opportunities for established Market Research Analysts include content editing – a team leadership role managing the development of other analysts’ reports from start to finish.
  • A casual work atmosphere catering to the curious, industrious individual.

For more information on Freedonia Focus Reports, please visit our site.

To apply for the position, send a cover letter and resume to (

Freedonia Custom Research Openings

Freedonia Custom Research, a Freedonia subsidiary, undertakes business research assignments at the specific request of a client, and the results of that research are for the exclusive use of the contracting client. Freedonia Custom Research serves global market leaders across numerous industries, as well as private equity and investment firms. We take a structured approach to research studies that involves detailed project planning, in-depth primary and secondary research and analysis, and synthesizing data into actionable findings to inform our clients' strategic planning.

Custom research assignments typically include research and analysis of the following areas:

  • Market sizing/market share
  • Market segmentation
  • Historical and forecasted demand
  • Potential customer market identification
  • Distribution channel assessment
  • Value chain analysis
  • Market attractiveness
  • Customer perceptions and purchasing decision-making
  • Competitive profiling
  • Production capacity/supply analysis

Freedonia Custom Research projects typically involve collection of data from primary and secondary sources, development of hypotheses, analysis of data and presentation of findings to our client.


Freedonia Custom Research is seeking candidates for Analyst roles. The nature of the work is project- and team-based. The research analyst role is responsible for both primary and secondary research activities, analysis and synthesis of data, and the organization and delivery of internal and client project deliverables. These roles perform a combination of the following activities depending on the requirements of the client, the nature of the study, the project role and position (ie, Research Analyst):

  • Conduct secondary and primary research in support of custom research studies
  • Direct or contribute to the development of interview guides and/or survey instruments for data gathering and analysis
  • Develop quantitative analysis of markets, including demand analysis (marketing sizing), market segmentation and forecasts
  • Analyze data gathered in the course of primary and secondary research to develop key elements of study deliverables to inform client’s business planning
  • Profile industry constituents across the value chain of a subject industry
  • Work with internal and external clients in a collaborative manner to deliver high-value results
  • Recommend changes in research approach in studies based upon direction of data gathering and in-process analysis
  • Stay current with industry and macroeconomic trends impacting markets covered by the company
  • Present research findings and recommendations to clients

Key attributes for a successful analyst include:

  • Excellent verbal and writing skills
  • Strong quantitative skills and keen attention to detail
  • Ability to analyze and organize data into meaningful presentations
  • Ability to effectively and professionally communicate findings to colleagues and clients
  • Experience working in a team-based environment
  • Creativity to solve problems and develop approaches to complex analytical questions
  • A solid understanding of market research methodologies
  • Consulting experience, experience in industrial markets, MBA, economics degree and/or marketing degree, familiarity with business research a plus but not required
  • Motivation and fit to culture

To apply for the position, send a cover letter and resume to (


Freedonia Custom Research is seeking individuals who can sell custom research engagements across industries in a team-based environment. The sales executive role is responsible for lead development, consultative selling, sales proposal development, closing business, quality assurance, client satisfaction and account management.

Key attributes for a successful sales executive include:

  • Excellent verbal, writing and listening skills
  • Consultative selling approach
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to understand client objectives, analyze and organize responses into meaningful proposals
  • Experience working in team-based environment
  • Strong client service attitude
  • A solid understanding of business development and market research
  • Consulting sales experience, MBA, economics degree, and/or marketing degree, familiarity with business research a plus but not required

Resume and cover letter may be emailed to (

Receipt of emailed resumes will be acknowledged by return email. Receipt of faxed or mailed resumes will not be acknowledged. The Freedonia Group retains all resumes for one year. The resumes are periodically reviewed, and the Freedonia Group contacts applicants with whom it wishes to further discuss employment opportunities.