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Home Pools: Consumers Trying to Stay Cool Face an Overheated Market

One side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is a reluctance among owners to open community pools and an equal reluctance among consumers to gather at the pools that are open. The same holds for beach areas, which are typically a respite for people seeking relief from the summer heat – some are open, some are closed, but some people worry about encountering the crowds.

So what’s an overheated person to do? Buy a pool.

As a result, all pool types – from in-ground to above ground to kiddie pools, whether molded vinyl or inflatable – are seeing high sales. For consumers without the space or the capital for an in-ground pool, prefabricated pools are the solution. However, many retailers are experiencing pool shortages – sold out stock and wait lists are widespread. Customers have turned to searching for stock in areas that have not yet seen their temperatures spike to summer levels.

According to a Summer 2019 Freedonia National Online Consumer Survey, roughly 25% of respondents reported having a pool or spa at home and a similar number reported having access to a pool or spa maintained by a private neighborhood association or apartment/condominium complex. Therefore, there remains a large segment of the population that might be seeking private water recreation options this summer as access to public and community options is limited or slow to open.

For more information, see The Freedonia Group’s report on Global Pools & Spas. Freedonia Custom Research is also available for questions requiring tailored market intelligence.

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