Global Pools & Spas

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This study covers the global market for pool and spa water treatment equipment and chemicals by product type and major region and national market (see Country Lists by Region in the Appendix for details). Historical demand is presented in US dollar terms for 2008, 2013, and 2018, and forecasts are made for 2023. The study also provides historical demand and forecast data in unit terms for the global number of pools and spas in use (excluding inground units) and annual new pool and spa sales, which are segmented by type, region, and national market.

Pools & Spas

For the purposes of this study, pools are defined as any manufactured prefabricated or modular indoor or outdoor unit intended for swimming, including:

  • aboveground pools
  • inground pools

Excluded from the scope of pools are inground units that are not prefabricated at the point of manufacture and whose installation requires extensive construction and landscape design and excavation activities.

Spas constitute any manufactured prefabricated or modular indoor or outdoor unit – often featuring pulsating jets – intended for soaking, therapy, relaxation, and, increasingly, swimming laps in place. Examples include:

  • hot tubs
  • whirlpools
  • jetted lap (i.e., swim-in-place) spas

Excluded from the scope of spas are inground units that are not prefabricated at the point of manufacture, as well as whirlpool/jetted bathtubs and other sanitaryware products intended for lavatories.

Pool and spa water treatment products are segmented by:

  • equipment:
    • conventional filtration equipment (primarily cartridge filters, sand filters, and diatomaceous earth)
    • disinfection equipment (e.g., chlorinators, salt chlorine generators, ultraviolet systems, ozone systems, chemical dosing systems, reverse osmosis systems
    • other equipment, which includes cleaning equipment, such as cleaners, skimmers, and vacuums; countercurrent equipment used in swim-in-place pools and spas (e.g., ACIS’ Jet Vag and SPECK Pumpen’s BADU products); water quality and color testing equipment (e.g., Tintometer’s Lovibond line); metering, dosing, and other types of pumps and valves (e.g., flowmeters); heat pumps (e.g., HornerXpress’ AquaCal with ThermoLink titanium heat exchanger); less commonly used equipment, such as membranes and deionization (i.e., pH-adjusting) equipment; other water treatment accessories, such as fittings and hosing
  • chemicals:
    • biocides (e.g., bromine, carbon, chlorine)
    • pH adjusters (e.g., sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, muriatic acid, sodium bisulfate)
    • other chemicals, such as odor controllers and clarifiers

The study also analyzes key marketing, distribution, and production trends of major global industry participants, including recent acquisitions and divestitures, as well as the impact of rising consumer, environmental, and regulatory trends on market activities.

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