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Las Vegas Casinos Have Reopened, Providing Hints for Adapting Other Tourist Destinations & High Traffic Areas

On June 4, Las Vegas casinos reopened to a surge of traffic on a weekday that rivaled peak weekend crowds. Before reopening, casinos are required to submit their plans for hygiene and social distancing measures to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Here are some elements of the roadmap forward as these facilities adapt to a new COVID-19 reality while accommodating large crowds:

  • Masks – All employees wear masks and/or face shields. While some casinos require all patrons to wear masks, others limit mask requirements to roulette tables and other spaces where shields are not feasible.
  • Temperature Checks – Some facilities check for fever among all visitors, while others only do so for guests checking in to the hotel.
  • Plexiglas Shields & Dividers – These are being installed check-in and other customer service counters as well as at some game tables.
  • Hygiene – Handwashing stations and hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed on gaming floors and other high-traffic spaces.
  • Physical Distancing – Decals on floors, removing some pool chairs and other seating, and putting every other slot machine out of service has been done to promote improved guest spacing.
  • Technology – Hotels are encouraging mobile check-in and the use of keyless, contact-free mobile credentialing for room access.
  • Foodservice – Restaurants are encouraging mobile ordering and repositioning bartenders’ drink making stations apart from guest seating.

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