Global Medical Face Shields: COVID-19 Impact Analysis Brief

Face Shields

This report analyzes the market for medical face shields including reusable and disposable shields.

Face shields are classified as adjunctive personal protective equipment. They are generally not used alone but in conjunction with surgical masks or respirators.

Medical face shields provide a second layer of protection from a variety of substances including blood, other body fluids and materials, viruses, bacteria, and chemicals that could cause illness.

Face shields cover the eyes, nose, and mouth and also have the benefit of keeping people from touching their faces.

Face shields come in half or full face versions and a variety of configurations.

Face shields are used in a variety of medical and laboratory applications, including surgical procedures and chemotherapy treatments. They are also used by dentists, optometrists, and laboratory technicians. In 2020, they began to see more general use by healthcare workers.

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