Global Demand for E-Commerce Boxes to Grow 12% Annually Through 2023

Global e-commerce box demand is projected to rise 12% annually to 12.5 billion square meters in 2023. Corrugated boxes are used to ship virtually any type of merchandise purchased via e-commerce and are valued for their relatively low cost, strength, durability and recyclability. These and other trends are included in the study Global Corrugated Boxes at URL

The Asia/Pacific region will account for the majority of gains (62%) primarily due to:

  • continued fast expansion of the Chinese e-commerce market, the largest in the world
  • rising consumer incomes and internet penetration across the region allowing more people to begin shopping online for the first time
  • the development of order-fulfillment infrastructure that facilitates cross-border shipping
  • increasing consumer comfort with purchasing fragile or high-value products online that may require larger or sturdier boxes

In North America and Western Europe, e-commerce box demand is supported by:

  • the large number of orders per person, as most consumers shop online
  • wide use of online shopping subscriptions that offer free shipping for nearly any order, which encourage more frequent orders
  • widespread consumer comfort with purchasing fragile or high-value products online, which often require higher value boxes to ship
  • rising popularity of higher value custom boxes with high-quality graphics

However, right-sizing trends in these well-established e-commerce markets will restrain faster growth as the value of commodity-type boxes used in e-commerce decreases due to boxes being smaller and using fewer materials per order.

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