Global Face Shield Demand Shows Extraordinary Short Term Growth

Historically, face shields have generally been used in a small percentage of medical procedures that pose an above average risk of exposure to bodily fluids. However, in 2020 global demand for face shields boomed and is expected to post a 312% growth rate. According to analysts at The Freedonia Group, face shields are being seen as a solution to the current shortage of face masks.

Face shields offer a number benefits, both in terms of hygiene and supply. They:

  • allow face masks to be used longer
  • provide coverage of the wearer’s entire face
  • are easy to produce
  • have not faced the same raw material shortages that masks have

Freedonia analysts expect demand growth for face shields to return to more sustainable levels of 7.6% annually through 2024.

Learn more about the historical and forecasted trends for disposable and reusable face shields in the new report Global Medical Face Shields: COVID-19 Impact Analysis Brief. The report also provides perspective with analysis of coronavirus trends, global economic outlook, patient activity, and regional face shield demand trends.

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