Freedonia Analyst Weighs In On LafargeHolcim’s Purchase of Firestone Building Products

LafargeHolcim, a leading global producer of cement, ready-mix concrete, and other building materials, announced today that it planned to purchase Firestone Building Products, a leading supplier of low-slope roofing, wall panels, and geosynthetics, from Bridgestone Corporation. The transaction, which is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021, will expand LafargeHolcim’s presence in the US.

According to Freedonia Group industry analyst Matt Zielenski, “LafargeHolcim’s purchase of Firestone Building Products will give the firm entrance into a number of new product segments, key among them being plastic and rubber low-slope roofing membranes and metal roofing and wall panel assemblies. These products have seen solid gains in demand over the past few years and will continue to do so going forward, providing an immediate boost to LafargeHolcim’s annual sales.”

Furthermore, noted Zielenski, “LafargeHolcim has been working to position itself as a provider of environmentally friendly building materials, such as long-lasting concrete formulations that help keep materials out of waste streams. The company can further expand its offerings in this field through the purchase of Firestone Building Products, which makes such green building materials as light-colored roofing membranes that reduce heat transfer and insulated metal panels that enhance a structure’s energy efficiency.”

For Bridgestone, the sale of Firestone Building Products will allow the company to concentrate on its core competencies, primarily the manufacture of tires and industrial rubber products.

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