Disinfectants, Sanitizers, & Vehicle Care I&I Cleaning Chemicals Will See Healthy Growth Through 2026

Cleveland OH, July 21, 2022 – Disinfectants and sanitizers will register among the fastest gains in the global industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaning chemicals market through 2026, finds a new Freedonia Group analysis:

  • An increase in food and beverage production, notably for export markets, will support gains.
  • Gains in healthcare spending will also boost growth.
  • In addition, the continuation of stringent cleaning and sanitation protocols, most notably in foodservice, commercial, and institutional applications, will benefit demand.

These trends will also promote strong gains for hand cleaners, which are increasingly formulated with antimicrobial active ingredients and other higher-priced raw materials that are better able to kill germs but are mild on users’ skin even after repeated and/or prolonged use, as is common in medical environments and areas in which food is handled.

Vehicle care products will also see above average gains, buoyed by increasing shipping and distribution activities, as well as increasing patronization of commercial car washes as average vehicle miles traveled returns to pre-pandemic levels.

Global I&I Cleaning Chemicals Market to Advance 3.9% Annually Through 2026

Global demand for industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaning chemicals is expected to grow 3.9% yearly to $53.7 billion in 2026. Gains will be supported by:

  • ongoing growth in manufacturing activity, most notably in food and beverage manufacturing, the single largest outlet for I&I cleaning chemicals
  • increases in healthcare spending, boosted by aging populations in developed regions and the expanding access to healthcare in developing regions
  • the ongoing application of stringent cleanliness and sanitation protocols in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities
  • increasing personal incomes, which will support demand in foodservice and hotels as consumers dine out more often and travel more frequently
  • the continued transition toward better performing, higher value cleaning chemicals, especially in developing countries

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Global Industrial & Institutional (I&I) Cleaning Chemicals provides historical data for 2009, 2014, and 2021 and forecasts to 2026 in current US dollars (which are not adjusted to account for inflation) for global I&I cleaning chemicals demand by product, market, and major world region and country. Corporate trends among market leaders including market share are also analyzed.


  • general purpose cleaners
  • floor care products
  • warewashing products
  • disinfectants and sanitizers
  • laundry care products
  • vehicle care products
  • other products such as furniture polishes, oven cleaners, drain cleaners, deodorizers, urinal cakes and bathroom cleaners


  • commercial
    • foodservice
    • retail cleaning
    • transportation, distribution, and storage facilities
    • hotels and accommodations
    • other commercial markets, including commercial laundries and dry cleaning facilities, commercial car washes, gymnasiums, sporting venues, theaters, amusement parks, and museums
  • manufacturing
    • food and beverage processing
    • fabricated metal manufacturing
    • other manufacturing markets, including manufacturers of chemical and allied products, computer equipment, electrical equipment, electronic components, machinery, petroleum and coal products, pulp and paper, rubber, and transportation equipment
  • institutional and governmental
    • healthcare
    • other institutional and governmental markets, including educational facilities, childcare establishments, religious facilities, municipal buildings, fire and police stations, correctional facilities, military bases, parks and other public works, and community centers and union halls