Demand for Healthcare Disinfectants and Cleaning Chemicals to Grow 4.3% Annually Through 2026

According to the new study Global Healthcare Disinfectant & Cleaning Chemicals, global demand for healthcare disinfectants and cleaning chemicals is expected to rise 4.3% annually to $4.6 billion in 2026. Growth will come off a high 2021 base, attributable to a combination of increased intensity/frequency of cleaning and sanitation related to the pandemic and a resumption of routine health and dental care visits. Gains will largely driven by:

  • efforts to combat the threat of HAIs – including pneumonia and C. diff – and other health threats such as HIV/AIDS, MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), and hepatitis
  • the expanding base of medical facilities, especially in developing regions where cleaning chemical usage has, in general, been lacking
  • introductions of disinfectants that target broader ranges of pathogens
  • the ongoing development of new techniques designed to stay ahead of such threats as the emergence of more resistant bacterial strains

As in other markets, the challenge for manufacturers serving the healthcare industry will be to develop products that comply with customer demands – including mildness, ease of use, and environmental safety – without compromising fundamental efficacy.

In addition, disposable medical devices and new, nonconventional sanitizing technologies like ultraviolet (UV) are expected to compete with chemical disinfecting products, although such technologies are more costly (at least initially) and their applications somewhat limited.