Global Healthcare Disinfectant & Cleaning Chemicals

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Cleaning Chemicals

Global demand for healthcare disinfectants and cleaning chemicals is expected to rise 4.3% per year to $4.6 billion in 2026, supported by:

  • global increases in healthcare spending, most notably in developing regions
  • the growing number of medical facilities to meet the needs expanding urban populations
  • ongoing introductions of products that are formulated to be effective against broader spectrums of pathogens and that are more environmentally safe
  • efforts to combat the threat of healthcare-associated infections and to prevent the emergence of more disinfectant-resistant bacteria

While growth will be healthy, it will come off a relatively high 2021 base that resulted from more frequent and stringent cleaning protocols and the resumption of regular health and dental care that had been postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Development of Healthcare Services in the Asia/Pacific Region Drives Global Growth

Significant opportunities for new sales exist in developing countries throughout the Asia/Pacific region, as the movement of populations into more crowded urban settings and the construction of healthcare facilities leads to more widespread usage of healthcare disinfectants and cleaning chemicals. The market will benefit not only from the expanding number of facilities and patients, but also by more intensive use of products in these facilities. As patient volumes rise, so does the need to reduce the risk of HAIs.

China in particular continues to offer significant opportunities for new sales. Although increases in healthcare spending are no longer booming, they continue to advance at a rapid pace. The country’s large population continues to urbanize, and as more consumers in the country have disposable income and access to healthcare, they are looking for higher quality healthcare with more stringent sanitation protocols and are more likely to invest in elective procedures. Additionally, China’s zero-COVID policy will have an impact on demand for disinfectants and cleaners in the near term, as increased testing – and the increased utilization of healthcare facilities where testing is performed – boosts demand.

Opportunities Still Found in Established Healthcare Sectors

In contrast to the Asia/Pacific and Africa/Mideast regions, the healthcare markets of the US, Japan, and Western Europe are much more mature, but there remain opportunities for sales in these areas. As populations age, healthcare services are more widely used, and elder care facilities are expanding. Cleaning regimens are of particular importance in elder care settings, where residents are among the groups that remain most at risk from a variety of transmissible illnesses.

The ongoing development and uptake of better performing products that are easier to use and are more environmentally friendly will also support demand. However, stronger gains will be limited by the introduction of systems intended to reduce costs, as well as the growing use of novel technologies such as UV light and ozone in lieu of chemical cleaners.

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